• Operation of the nuclear units under safe and secure nuclear conditions for the personnel, population, environment and production assets;
    • Consolidation of the production of nuclear energy, a pillar of security in the production of electricity and CO2 emission reduction;
    • Maintaining and consolidating the position of the Company in the production of electricity with low carbon emissions
    • Making the necessary investments for safely operating the two reactors and implementing the nuclear security culture in all the structures of the company;
    • Implementing the strategy of diversifying the sources of supply with the raw materials that are necessary for manufacturing nuclear fuel in order to ensure safety in providing nuclear fuel for the power plant
    • Achieving major investment objectives, optimizing the operation and extension of the operation duration under conditions of nuclear security of the existing production capabilities
    • Ensuring the sustainable development of the company
    • Applying principles of ethics, integrity and corporate governance
    • Maintaining and developing professional expertise during the entire nuclear cycle, by attracting and ensuring the retention of highly specialized workforce, both for safely operating the existing capacities, and in the context of extending their operation duration and increasing the weight of nuclear energy in the national energy mix
    • The selection of the Company managers must be made in a competitive manner, based on criteria of professionalism and integrity, by a specialized company, experienced in recruiting top-management human resources.