Our mission




Production: We produce clean, safe, competitive and affordable power

Economy: We develop a strong company that brings added value to your interests

Social: We create opportunities for growth

Among its characteristics:

  • A high value of the installed capacity factor; at an equal installed capacity factor, a nuclear unit produces twice as much energy as a conventional unit;
  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • Low dependency of the price per KW on the variation of uranium prices, due to its small quota in the production cost as compared to other energy producers
  • High technical level of the operation personnel,
  • Reasonable production costs
  • Nuclear power fully complies with the requirements regarding security of supply, sustainable development and competitiveness.

Our vision

Commitment to excellence. Action to achieve it.

Our values

Safety – because we operate one of the most performant nuclear power plants in the world

Professionalism – because people are our best resource

Stability – because we ensure a constant output

Competitiveness – because we deliver clean energy at a competitive price

Transparency – because we are responsible to you”