Human resources

shutterstock_141189517The complexity and risk level of the facilities and equipment of a nuclear power plant require high quality manpower and its preservation in time. To this end, SN “Nuclearelectrica” (SNN) SA considers the work performed in the human resources field as a priority. A special attention is paid to the strategy related to personnel recruitment and personnel loyalty/jobs stability, as well as to the sustained improvement of training and specialization quality. This is accomplished both through analyzing the work of that particular domain and through the application of the provisions under the Collective Labor Agreement that is adapted to the mentioned requirements and to the laws in force.

The main activity and concern within the human resources area was and continues to be personnel recruiting and jobs stability. This has been accomplished by applying some strictly established selection criteria regarding personnel specialization as well as by applying a remuneration system focused mainly on jobs specific to the nuclear domain.

As for the personnel working within the company’s headquarters the training is focused on the attributions of each category of jobs, and provides the knowledge necessary for performing a safe and efficient activity. The personnel is trained both inside the company (on-the-job training courses and workshops) and outside the company: participation in conferences, symposia, international events within the programs organized by IAEA-Vienna and WANO – Atlanta Centre and COG – Toronto Canada, as well as in other courses on nuclear power issues.