NFP Pitesti

Producerea de combustibil nuclear

The Nuclear Fuel Plant is located near the town of Mioveni-Arges at 25 kilometers from Pitesti.

The fabrication of the CANDU nuclear fuel started in 1980, through the commissioning of a CANDU type Fuel Pilot Plant operating as a department of the Nuclear Research Institute (ICN) Pitesti. The separation of the Nuclear Fuel Plant from ICN, as a distinct branch, occurred in 1992.

In 1994, AECL and Zircatec Precision Industries Inc. (Canada) qualified the Nuclear Fuel Plant (FCN) as a CANDU 6 fuel manufacturer.

 During  2004-2006, by small investment, FCN Pitesti was able to double its production capacity in order to ensure the operation of two units.

 In 2007, FCN has obtained the certificate TUV EN ISO 14001:2004 for the environment management system.

In 2008, FCN delivered the transport number 100 to Cernavoda NPP, with a a total content of 1300 tones of uranium (equivalent to 32 milion tones of brown coal).

Annually, FCN Pitesti manufactures about 10.800 nuclear fuel bundles.

 FCN Pitesti is capable to offer consultancy, technical assistance and a series of equipment to the companies interested in technology transfer and nuclear fuel production.

 During its life time inside the reactor – about 1 year – a  CANDU 6 type nuclear fuel bundle generates an amount of 1,115 MWh. The same energy amount can be obtained by burning fossil fuels in conventional power plants, as follows:

–  470,000 kg of conventional fuel with caloric power of 7,000 Kcal/kg

–  1,110,000 kg of superior coal with caloric power of 3,200 Kcal/kg

–  363,000 Nm3 of natural gas with caloric power of 8,050 Kcal/Nm3