CANDU system

  • Thermal power 2,062 MW (t)
  • Gross electric power 706.5 MW (e)
  • Auxiliaries consumption < 8%
  • Fuel channels number 380
  • Loops number 2
  • Steam generators number 4
  • (DO2) pressure inside the primary circuit 9.89 MPa
  • Temperature outside the primary circuit 310° C
  • (H2O) saturated steam 4.6 MPa
  • Supply water temperature 187.2° C

The CANDU reactor “burns” natural uranium fuel, using heavy water of nuclear grade (with an isotopic content higher than 99.75% D2O) as moderator and coolant, in two independent closed systems.

Further on, in the four steam generators, the heat from the primary heat transport system is transferred to the light, ordinary water, producing saturated steam. By its expansion, the steam rotates the turbine, which has one medium pressure cylinder and three low pressure cylinders; in the electrical generator, the mechanical energy of the turbine is converted into electricity.

After getting out of the turbine, the steam condenses, as the resulting heat is removed by the cooling water from the Danube river. The water circulation restarts: the condense is pumped back so that the steam generators be fed.