SNN on the energy market

SN Nuclearelectrica SA, an electric power producer on the electric power market in Romania, sells on the wholesale market the electric power produced by the two units of the Cernavoda NPP. Starting with 1st of January 2018, the energy market has been fully liberalized in Romania, thus SNN sells its entire production on the competitive market.

On the competitive market, sales are subject to compliance with the requirements of Law No. 123/2012 of electricity and natural gases based on public and non-discriminatory offers awarded through auctions organized by OPCOM – operator of the electricity and gas market in Romania.

The electricity was sold based on production license, as follows:
  • On the competitive market through sale-purchase contracts on the markets administrated by the market operator OPCOM S.A.: mainly PCCB – LE si PCCB – NC (centralized market for bilateral contracts;the method of transaction of the extended tender contracts/transaction method according to which the contracts are distributed by continuous negotiations), PZU (the following day market) and PCSU (the centralized market for universal service);
  • On theBalancing market administered byTranselectrica, in case of positive unbalance;
  • Through negotiated sale-purchase contracts. Nuclearelectrica has only one such contract concluded with Transelectrica in the quality of captive consumer for the consumption of the Cernavoda 400 kV station (approximately 1.000 MWh/year).

SNN on the energy market during 1 January  – 31 December 2019

The gross production of electricity of the two operational units of CNE Cernavoda was 11,280,167 MWh in 2019; from this gross production, the own technological consumption of the Units during the operation, and during the outages ensured from own production was 933 thousand MWh in 2019.

Thus, the electricity produced and delivered in the National Energy System (“NES”) was 10,346,746 MWh in 2019, compared to the same period of 2018 (10,443,078 MWh), which accounts for a decrease of 0.9%.


Output 2019 2018
Unit 1 Unit 2 Total Unit 1 Unit 2 Total
Gross production (GWh) 5,788 5,492 11,280 5,387 5,990 11,377
Net production (GWh) 5,293 5,075 10,368 4,928 5,531 10,459
Capacity factor (%) 93.86 89.18 91.52 87.31 97.43 92.37


Electricity sales in 2019


Sales by types Quantities in



out of total


Average price


Tg included]

Revenues from



Sales on the regulated market 1,376,963 12.9% 189.51 260,948,252  
Sales on the competitive market (bilateral contracts and PZU and PI contracts), out of which: 9,245,123 86.8% 227.70 2,105,074,010  
– Sales on PCCB – LE, PCCB – NC, PCSU, PC – OTC contracts and supply contracts 8,194,487 76.9% 228.01 1,868,444,207  
– PZU and PI sales 1,050,636 9.9% 225.23 236,629,803  
PE positive imbalances*) 30,137 0.3% 178.96 5,393,395  
Total sales in 2019 10,652,223 100% 222.62 2,371,415,657  
*) NB: RON 198,067 of the value presented represents redistributed revenues resulted from the balancing of the system, based on the application of NARE Order no. 51/2016, NARE Order no. 76/2017 and NARE Order no. 31/2018.


The revenues obtained from the electricity market related to electricity deliveries in 2019 are RON 2,371,415,657 (out of which RON 198,067 account for redistributed revenues resulted from balancing the system, based on the application of ANRE Order no. 76/2017 and ANRE Order no. 31/2018 ), 0.81% higher than the budget revenues for 2019, and 11.7% higher than the same period of the previous year.

The average weighted sale price, for the electricity quantities sold (without the regulated market and PE), resulted in 2019, is of RON 227.70/MWh (including Tg). For comparison, the weighted average price of all the transactions performed on the markets on which SNN operated in 2019 (PCCB – LE, PCCB – NC, PCSU, PZU and PI), calculated based on the values published by OPCOM in the monthly market reports, is 239.11 lei/MWh. In 2018 the average weighted sale price, for the energy quantities sold (without PE) was 198.99 lei/MWh (including Tg).

Following Government Emergency Ordinance no. 114/28.12.2018, which amends and supplements Electricity and natural gas law no. 123/2012, ANRE issued Order no. 10/01.02.2019 for approving the Methodology for setting prices for the electricity sold by producers based on regulated contracts and the quantities of electricity from the regulated contracts concluded by producers with last-instance suppliers. According to ANRE Resolution no. 326/25.02.2019, the quantity assigned to SNN for 2019 for regulated contracts was 1,377 GWh. ANRE established a regulated price for SNN of RON 188.33 /MWh (without Tg).

The sold electricity quantities on the competitive market of bilateral contracts represented in 2019 a percentage rate of 76.9% out of the total volume of the sold energy. The average sale price on bilateral contracts in 2019 was 228.01 RON/MWh (with Tg included), recording an increase of 13.6% as compared to the average price recorded in the same period of 2018, of 200.67 RON/MWh (with Tg included); given the fact that the values of the electric power input transport fee in the Tg network were the following: RON 1.05 /MWh for the period July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018, according to ANRE Order no. 48/22.06.2017 and RON 1.18 /MWh for the period July 1, 2018 – December 31, 2019, according to ANRE Order no. 108/20.06.2018.

On the spot market (PZU and PI), in 2019, a quantity of electricity representing 9.9% of the total sales volume was sold, compared to the percentage share of 14.9% recorded over the same period of 2018. The average sale price of energy on the spot market (PZU and PI) performed by SNN in 2019 was 225.23 lei/MWh (with Tg included), compared to 189.46 lei/MWh (with Tg included) registered in 2018.