Performance indicators 2013

Information on the compliance with the requirements under ANRE’s Order No. 1/2010 referring to the performance indicators of the electricity supply service provided by SN Nuclearelectrica SA in  2013 


In 2013 SN Nuclearelectrica SA, a holder of an electricity supply license No. 962/21.10.2010, did not made use of this license and did not deliver electricity to the final consumers as per this licence.

The only consumer to which SNN SA supplied electric power in 2013, is a consumer powered directly from the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant (the Cernavoda 400 kV electric power station belonging to Transelectrica). This delivery was performed based on the electricity production license No. 5/03.12.1999, that provides the producer’s complementary right to carry out the supply activity to final electricity consumers fed directly from the electric facilities related to the electric power generating units.

Under these circumstances, the provisions under ANRE Order, regarding the calculation of the performance indicators of the electricity supply service and their publication on the supplier’s website, are not applicable to the activity carried out by SN Nuclearelectrica SA in 2013.