The Romanian-Canadian feasibility study for the CANDU system in Romania was completed

December, 1978
The contracts between ROMENERGO and AECL for the takeover of the CANDU system license and for the nuclear equipment design and procurement for Unit 1 were concluded

February, 1981
The contracts between ROMENERGO – Ansaldo (Italy) and General Electric (USA) for the conventional part (BOP) of Unit 1 were concluded

First Containment Concrete was poured (reactor building base slab)

December, 1985
The delivery on site and the installation of the Calandria vessel for the Cernavodã NPP Unit 1

The installation of the fuel channels at the Cernavodã NPP Unit 1

December, 1989
Romanian revolution; The Cernavodã NPP Unit 1 is 45% complete

July, 1990
The first PRE-OSART mission of IAEA-Vienna to the Cernavodã NPP

August, 1991
The management contract with AECL- Ansaldo Consortium (AAC) was concluded

May-June, 1995
The fuel loading of the Cernavodã NPP Unit 1

April 16, 1996
The first criticality of the Unit 1 reactor

July 11, 1996
The first synchronization to the grid of the Unit 1

December 2, 1996
The Cernavodã NPP Unit 1 is declared in commercial operation

June 30, 1997
The transfer of the Unit 1 management and operation responsibilities from AAC to the Romanian personnel

July 2, 1998
The setting up of the national company Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica” S A

September 30, 1999
The Cernavodã NPP Unit 1 ranks tenth in the world capacity factor top ten

18 May 2001

The signing of the contract with AECL Canada and Ansaldo Italy for the construction of Unit 2
February 2003
Canadian, Italian , French and USA loan agreements were signed with Societe Generale, Credit Lyonnais and Romanian Bank for Development

March, 24, 2003
The Contract for the Completion and Commissioning of Cernavoda NPP Unit 2 comes into force

March 30, 2004
EURATOM Loan approved by the EC, was subject to the implementation of a well defined improvement package.

September 21, 2004
Starting the manufacturing of the nuclear fuel dedicated to the first load of the Cernavoda NPP Unit 2 Reactor

September, 15, 2005
The nuclear fuel bundle # 50 000 was manufactured

December 2005
The completion of Unit’s 2 main systems transfer procedures to the commissioning team, comprising a total number of 154 systems

July 2006
The successful completion of the pressure test at Unit 2

September 2006
The loading of the heavy water in the moderator circuit of Unit 2

December 2, 2006
The celebration of 10 years of successful operation of Unit 1

February 15, 2007
The loading of the first fuel bundle in the active zone of Unit’s 2 reactor at 01:29 hours

February 22, 2007
The completion of the fuel loading into the reactor of Unit 2, 23:25 hours

March 2, 2007
The loading of the heavy water into the cooling circuit of the reactor

May 6, 2007
The initiation of the chain reaction (criticality) at Unit 2, 23:25 hours

August 7, 2007
The first synchronization of Unit 2 with the national power system, at 25% of the reactor’s capacity of 700 MWe, 17:21 hours

September 12, 2007
The reactor of Unit 2 reached full power for the first time, during commissioning tests

September 12, 2007
Completion of contractual 10 day operation without interruption day

September 28, 2007
The management of Unit 2 was turned over to SN Nuclearelectrica SA

October 5, 2007
The official inauguration of Cernavoda NPP Unit 2

July 2, 2008

The celebration of 10 years of activity, since the establishment of the company

March 25,2009

Incorporation and registration of SC EnergoNuclear, the company responsible for the construction of Unit 3 and 4

November 2010

Receiving the favorable approval of the European Commission for the project of Units 3&4, under the Euratom Treaty

November 29, 2011

15 years of commercial operation of Unit 1 of Cernavoda NPP

November 2013

Listing of SNN shares on the Bucharest Stock Exchange

9 November 2015

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the development, construction, operation and decommissioning of Cernavoda NPP Units 3 an 4 with China General Nuclear Power Corporation

8 May 2019

The signing of the Investors Agreement in preliminary form between SNN-CGN

12 June 2020

Aprobare in AGA SNN a incetarii negocierilor cu CGN

21 September 2020

SNN was included in the FTSE Russell index of the London Stock Exchange in the context of Romania’s transition to the status of a Frontier Market.

9 October 2020

Romania and the United States of America initialized an extended Intergovernmental agreement for cooperation in relation to strategic projects for Romania such as Cernavoda NPP Units 3 and 4, the refurbishment of Unit 1 as well as in other civil nuclear projects.