Restructuring towards a free, open, energy market

Since July 27, 1998 “Nuclearelectrica” – SA is registered with the Register of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as a state owned company. SNN SA is reporting to the Ministry of Energy. The state owns 82,48% of Nuclearelectrica’s shares, Fondul Proprietatea – 9,10% and other shareholders – 8,42%.

The main activity fields of SNN SA are centered on the generation of electrical and thermal power, and manufacturing of nuclear fuel. SNN SA also coordinates the investment-development activities as well as the human resources training and optimization.

SN Nuclearelectrica SA has two branches, no legal person:

  • Cernavoda NPP Division operating Cernavoda NPP Units 1 and 2 and the auxiliary services and performing the preservation of Unit 3, 4 & 5 until completion and commissioning;
  • FCN – Pitesti, the Nuclear Fuel Plant – manufacturing nuclear fuel for Cernavoda NPP Units 1 & 2

Also, Nuclearelectrica owns 100% of the shares of the project company, EnergoNuclear.

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