The completion of the scheduled outage of Cernavoda NPP Unit 2

31 May

The completion of the scheduled outage of Cernavoda NPP Unit 2

Press release

Bucharest, 31 May 2017

Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica S.A. (“SNN”) announces that the works related to the scheduled outage of Cernavoda NPP Unit 2 will be completed on June 2nd, 2017, and that the reconnection to the national power grid will take place on the same day.

Unit 2 entered the scheduled outage program on May 6th 2017, in order to perform the planned maintenance works, which are carried out once every two years for each unit.

During the planned outage, over 10.000 activities were performed as part of the following programs :

  • The preventive and corrective maintenance program ;
  • The inspection program ;
  • The outage test program, in compliance with the requirements of the National Regulatory Body, which can be performed only with the power plant in shutdown state;
  • The design modification implementation program for certain systems/equipments/components.

All the objectives related to the planned outage were performed under safety conditions for the power plan personnel, public and environment, as per the procedures of Cernavoda NPP.

Prior to the scheduled outage program, Cernavoda NPP Unit 2 operated continuously since the previous planned outage of 2015, for a duration of 704 days, which represents an outstanding result in the nuclear industry, associated with the professionalism of the staff and the quality of the power plant’s programs and processes.

At the same time, as per the date published by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Romania, with its two nuclear units in operation, ranks first in a total of 454 nuclear units operating in 30 countries (that reported data to IAEA) with an average capacity factor over the last three years of 94% and also first in a total of 566 nuclear units operating in 32 countries (that reported data to IAEA) with a capacity factor since in service until the end of 2016 of 91,9%.



Daniela Lulache


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