World Association of Nuclear Operators visit

13 Jun

World Association of Nuclear Operators visit

During June 12-13, 2014 a high level delegation of World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), led by the Chairman of the WANO Board, Jacques Regaldo, visited Romania for discussions with Nuclearelectrica’s top management and for a technical tour of Cernavoda NPP.

The purpose of such visit of the WANO Chairman aims to further tighten relations with NPPs operators for continuously improving nuclear safety, operational processes and managerial strategies.

WANO promotes and conducts the periodical safety re-assessment of nuclear plants worldwide through mutual support and exchange of information based on global operating experience and good practices. Our main mission is to maximize the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants. My visit to Romania has the purpose to further consolidate the relationship with the operator based on valuable exchange of nuclear safety related information. Nuclearelectrica’s Cernavoda NPP has always been an active member of WANO with great results in terms nuclear safety, nuclear safety culture implementation and performance indicators” – Jacques Regaldo, Chairman of the WANO Board

Currently, WANO acts as the only global organization that represents all nuclear operators.

In its active role to unite every nuclear operator with a view to achieve the highest possible standards of nuclear safety, WANO conducts technical support missions, performance indicators reviews, provides guidelines and good practices and operators exchange by means of corporate peer reviews, station peer reviews and follow-up peer reviews for all its members.

Nuclearelectrica’s Cernavoda NPP has been a member of WANO Atlanta Centre since 1991, therefore an active member of the association involved in WANO’s conducted missisions. The most recent WANO peer-review mission on Cernavoda NPP took place in 2013.

As nuclear safety and excellence in operational performance are WANO’s overriding priority, its management is keen on consolidating relationships and assessing nuclear safety standards in order to meet the more demanding safety requirements.

 “The visit of the WANO Chairman, Jacques Regaldo, is a great opportunity to assess different operational experiences, to compare and to emulate best practices. Nuclearelectrica’s priority is nuclear safety and we are constantly comparing our nuclear safety standards and achievements to the best practices worldwide. We focus processes and activities on constantly improving plant performance in operation, maintenance and engineering. Given its long lasting membership in WANO, Nuclearelectrica has long learned that continuous operation development and personnel training are key components to achieving the highest standards of nuclear safety. We want to remain one of the top nuclear operators at global level” – Daniela Lulache, CEO, Nuclearelectrica 

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