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SNN partnership with the “Zinca Golescu” National College of Pitești

18 Nov

SNN partnership with the “Zinca Golescu” National College of Pitești

At Nuclearelectrica, we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to raise the new generations and provide them with all the conditions to develop and build the careers they want.

That is precisely why, as part of our value and Empathy and Responsibility strategic direction, we got involved in a project of rehabilitation and digitization of the library within the “Zinca Golescu” National College of Pitesti – the “ElectroLibrary” program developed by the students of the college themselves.

Since the library looked the same as 30 years ago, and there were many young people who did not appreciate the value of books, a group of students rethought the manner in which the library works. They have developed an electronic database for recording books, a digital register for students, and remade the book arrangement plan, while also creating a reading space.

All these have actually involved a rehabilitation project thoroughly thought down to the smallest details, with a 3D and 2D project plan designed with an architect. For this library renovation project, also including a digital component, to become a reality, Nuclearelectrica contributed with RON 17,000 and impacted over 1330 pupils per year.