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CSR and Sponsorship Strategy of SNN for 2021

18 Nov

CSR and Sponsorship Strategy of SNN for 2021

As part of the value and Empathy and Responsibility strategic direction, Nuclearelectrica contributes with own resources to the improvement of the quality of life in the community, by means of the CSR projects and the sponsorships granted. Thus, the investment of a share of the annual profit of SNN in CSR actions and sponsorships is an integral part of the development strategy of the company. In 2021, we are coordinating our community involvement activity by following the strategic principles and directions of the CSR and Sponsorship Strategy of SNN for 2021.

We have analyzed the main concerns of Romanians related to the areas requiring improvement in our country, and we chose to focus our efforts on the following sectors:

  • Education: Endowment of schools (online and offline learning); Support of academic results
  • Medical: Extension of wards in hospitals; Pediatric oncology
  • Environmental protection – afforestation actions

50 % of the budget corresponding to sponsorships (i.e., RON 5 million) will be directed to the local community in the Cernavodă area and neighbouring areas, given Nuclearelectrica’s interest in being an active player within the communities that it operates in, and in continuing the projects already started in the region.