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Integrated program for the reduction of school dropout

18 Nov

Integrated program for the reduction of school dropout

In the European country with the highest school dropout (16.4% compared to the European average of 10,.6%), each child must be supported and encouraged to be successful in life. In the long term, school dropout means unemployment, social exclusion, poverty and health problems. Rural areas of Romania are affected almost twice as much as urban areas, the most exposed areas being the center and south of the country.

As part of our value and Empathy and Responsibility strategic direction, in 2020, Nuclearelectrica was involved in bearing, by means of sponsorship, the costs necessary for implementing the Integrated Program for the reduction of school dropout among 1,500 disadvantaged children from Bucharest, Ilfov, and Dâmbovița, organized by the Youth Association for Friendship and Education.

The 1500 children identified by the association were exposed to a major risk of school dropout. Since March 2020, these children have actually been helped, in the long term, so as not to drop out of school. First of all, they were supported with food, after it was identified that many of them reported they would only manage to eat once a day.

Nuclearelectrica got involved with the amount of RON 100,000, in order to help over 1500 children from Bucharest, Ilfov and Dâmbovița from disadvantaged backgrounds , with a high risk of poverty.