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Nuclearelectrica launches CNE Cernavoda 2022 Internship Programme

6 Sep

Nuclearelectrica launches CNE Cernavoda 2022 Internship Programme

Press release

Nuclearelectrica launches

CNE Cernavoda 2022 Internship Programme

 Bucharest,  September 6, 2022

 Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN), the national electricity, heat and nuclear fuel producer, is launching the CNE Cernavoda 2022 Intership Programme, as part of its “Nucleus of Excellence” employer brand and strategy to train a new generation of engineers.

The programme offers 27 places for graduates of bachelor/master degrees, masters in progress, in the following fields/specialisations: Electrical Engineering; Energy Engineering; Systems Engineering; Computer and Information Technology; Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technology; Physics/Physical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Economics; Chemistry/Chemical Engineering.

Through the investment projects that Nuclearelectrica has, the Unit 1 Refurbishment, the Units 3 and 4 Project, the development of small modular reactors, we offer young people in Romania extraordinary career opportunities. Young people have the opportunity to train and develop their potential in the country, in a company with an essential role in ensuring Romania’s energy security and in an internationally recognized team of professionals, willing to share their experience, to train new professionals, to provide mentoring.

The nuclear industry offers unique career opportunities, continuous development, motivating packages, but above all it offers the pride of contributing to projects with a major role for Romania. In our events to attract the younger generation, we have met intelligent, motivated, willing and capable young people, that want to grow and work in Romania. Nuclearelectrica offers them in Romania everything they need for a successful career.”- Cosmin Ghita, CEO of SN Nuclearelectrica SA

The CNE Cernavoda internship program aims to develop career opportunities, identify, recruit and train a new generation of specialists in the nuclear industry as part of the investment strategy until 2031.

Securing human resources for the company in relation to medium and long-term investment projects is a priority for Nuclearelectrica. SNN’s investment strategy for the next 10 years aims to develop 3 strategic projects, the refurbishment of Unit 1 CNE Cernavoda, the Units 3 and 4 project, the small modular reactors project, worth about 9 billion Euro, and the implementation of the internship program at CNE Cernavoda contributes to the growth of a new generation of nuclearists, by attracting, retaining and training young people in Romania, by helping them realize their potential.

The 27 places in the internship programme are allocated as follows:

Department/Department No. of places


Digital Systems and I&C Equipment Service RT U1 1
Radiation Protection and Occupational Safety Service RT U1 1
Department of Detrioration Installation 2


Electrical Components and Active I&C Service 1


Nuclear Safety Analysis Service 3


Authorisation and Reliability Service 3


IT Security Administration Office 1


IT Application Management Development Office 2


Product Acceptance Office 1


Radiation Protection Technical Service 1


Electrical Systems Service 1


Design Support Service 1


Product Market Research Group 3


Product Procurement Documentation Group 1
Products Procurement Service 2
Administrative Service 1


Turbogenerator, Classic Systems and Support Service 1
Investment Programme Coordination Service 1


Deadline for submission of applications is 12.09.2022, 16:00. The assessment tests consist of the evaluation of the candidates’ files – an eliminatory test consisting of the analysis of the information contained in the CV of each candidate and the professional interview – a test in which only candidates declared admitted for interview will participate.

The CNE Cernavoda 2022 internship program starts on 17.10.2022, has a duration of 4 months, and the working program is 40 hours/week or 20 hours/week for current master students. The gross monthly allowance is 3925 lei for 40 hours/week and 1913 lei for 20 hours/week.

To apply for the CNE Cernavoda 2022 internship program, please click on the link: Job: , call the phone number 0241802161 or request information on the e-mail address

We are looking forward to having you in the SNN team!


Cosmin Ghita

Chief Executive Officer


About the company


The National Company “Nuclearelectrica” S.A. is the national electricity, heat and nuclear fuel producing company, operating under the authority of the Ministry of Energy, with the State holding 82.49% of the shares and other shareholders, 17.50%, after the company’s listing on the stock exchange in 2013.

CNE Cernavoda Branch, operates Units 1 and 2 of the Nucleaelectrive Power Plant at Cernavoda, and FCN Pitesti Branch is the nuclear fuel plant.

Nuclearelectrica plays a major role at national level, contributing more than 18% of the total national energy production with nuclear energy. Nuclear energy also plays a key role in achieving decarbonisation targets and ensuring the energy transition to a carbon-free economy, currently contributing 33% of total CO2-free energy production, and after strategic investment projects, this contribution will increase to 66% by 2030.

By 2030, nuclear energy will provide about 35% of the consumption needs by operating 4 CANDU nuclear units, avoid the release of 20,000,000 million tonnes of CO2/year, indirectly create about 19,000 jobs in the domestic supply chain, contribute to the development of education and research in nuclear and related fields. Through its investment projects, the Unit 1 Refurbishment, Units 3 and 4 Project, the Tritium Removal Facility, Cobalt 60 production, worth about 9 billion Euro, SNN becomes a pillar of decarbonisation while generating a multiple micro- and macro-economic development effect. SNN achieves these projects by raising a new generation of nuclear engineers, by retaining and training young people in Romania, by exploiting their potential.




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