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4 days until the completion of the first stage of CSR projects registration on SNN’s platform “Nucleus of Care”

18 May

4 days until the completion of the first stage of CSR projects registration on SNN’s platform “Nucleus of Care”

Press release

4 days until the completion of the first stage of CSR projects registration on SNN’s platform “Nucleus of Care”

 Bucharest, May 18, 2022


 SN Nuclearelectrica SA reminds you that the deadline for the first stage of registration of CSR projects on the SNN “Nucleus of Care” platform is May 22, 2022. Until this date, Romanian NGOs and public institutions can still register social responsability projects. The sponsorship campaign will take place in 2 stages, the first stage taking place between April 21, 2022 and May 22, 2022 and the second stage taking place between July 17 and August 20, 2022.

The social responsibility platform „Nucleus of Care” follows the strategic directions and the company’s vision to build a sustainable future for the next generation, both by producing clean energy at excellent standards and by the socio-economic impact it has in Romania

Nuclear power is a safe, clean, carbon-free energy source that produces clean energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of weather conditions.

With 207 million MWh of clean energy produced in 25 years, 195 million tons of CO2 avoided in 25 years, 30 million lei invested in CSR projects in the last 3 years, and over 11 million people supported by social responsibility campaigns, Nuclearelectrica expands its positive impact in society, respecting the strategic direction – “empathy and responsibility”.

Non-profit organizations and institutions can register for the project competition, in accordance with the applicable legislation and the rules for participation and sponsorship, which can be found on the company’s website.

The value of the sponsorship budget for this stage is 2 million lei and will be allocated to the selected projects.

The “Nucleus of Care” platform targets projects and beneficiaries whose financing needs fall into the medical, educational and environmental fields, with priority given to the projects in the areas where the company operates.

  • For education, we look for projects that contribute to the creation or development of the educational environment through specific actions of renovation and endowment of schools, both with specialized laboratories (physics, chemistry, computer science, robotics, etc.) and from the perspective of online education that requires the possession of tablets, laptops and other equipment for laboratories and rooms equipped appropriately and modernly for online education, which the disadvantaged groups of the public cannot afford;
  • For the medical field, we look for projects that increase access to high-performance and quality medical services through providing medical equipment, services, actions or other activities related to this field;
  • For the protection of the environment, we look for environmental projects that can emphasize the essential role that the company has in managing climate change through forestation / reforestation actions to create green spaces in the communities where Nuclearelectrica operates, actions to support environmental / mountain organizations, etc.

In order to eligible, the projects must have clearly described objectives and target public, with measurable and time-defined data, as well as indicators for evaluating and measuring the impact in the community. Projects must be carried out on the Romanian territory between June 2022 and december 2022.

The results of the selection procedure will be published on June 7, 2022 on the company’s website.

 Please consult the Rules for participation and Award of Sponsorhips prior to applying for sponsorship.

Project proposals can be sent to the following e-mail address:

For more details regarding the application for project selection, please access


Cosmin Ghita

Chief Executive Officer








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