The Preliminary and unaudited individual financial statements for 2020

25 Feb

The Preliminary and unaudited individual financial statements for 2020

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Bucharest, February 25, 2021


SN Nuclearelectrica SA (“SNN”) announces that it has published, in compliance with the financial calendar for 2021, the preliminary and unaudited individual financial statements for the financial year ended December 31, 2020.

SNN registered a net profit of 684,709 thousand lei, an increase of 27.8% compared to 2019, an increase of 3.4% of the operating income. EBITDA increased by 10.6% and EBIT by 21.8% compared to 2019 results.



[thousand RON]

Period of 12 months ended on December 31, 2020


Period of 12 months ended on December 31, 2019


Production (GWh)**) 10.558 10.347 2,0%
Operating revenues, out of which: 2.500.172 2.417.433 3,4%
   Sales of electricity***) 2.432.279 2.365.564 2,8%
Operating expenses, less depreciation and amortization (1.188.996) (1.232.455) (3,5%)
EBITDA 1.311.176 1.184.978 10,6%
Depreciation and amortization (544.752) (555.553) (1,9%)
EBIT 766.424 629.425 21,8%
Financial revenues 84.530 67.337 25,5%
Financial expenses (40.513) (65.487) (38,1%)
Income tax expense, net (125.732) (95.608) 31,5%
Net profit 684.709 535.667 27,8%


 “Although 2020 was a difficult year, the SNN team maintained its initial strategy of financial growth, but especially continuation of current and strategic investment projects, refurbishment of Unit 1 and the Project of Units 3 and 4. We have constantly ensured the workforce to maintain the vital functions of nuclear safety, the efficient operation as well as the support functions, we continued the company’s internal projects in the area of ​​recruitment and retention of highly qualified personnel and innovation by analyzing various new business opportunities: small modular reactors, production of Cobalt 60, pure hydrogen. On the capital market, we considered the inclusion of SNN in the London FTSE Russell market indexes starting with September 2020 a positive signal, with maturation effect both for the local stock exchange and for SNN shares. In 2020, we relied on the previously acquired resilience and we wanted to give a signal of trust and efficient management of the company, in a difficult national and international context, for our shareholders and investors. ”- Cosmin Ghita, CEO

The report is available on SNN website,, Investor relations, financial reporting section.


Cosmin Ghita

Chief Executive Officer



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