Asset sale offer

7 Apr

Asset sale offer




The National Company “Nuclearelectrica” S.A., with registered office in Municipality of Bucharest, 65 Polona Street, District 1, 010494, Zip 22-102, Bucharest, CUI [Sole Registration Code] 10874881, Trade Register No. J40/7403/1998 Romania, telephone:, fax: 021.316.94.00, e-mail:, having as main scope of business Production of electricity, company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, with listing data posted on the website announces the OPEN OUTCRY AUCTION, in compliance with the provisions of H.G. [Government Decisions] no. 577/2002 for the approval of the Methodological Norms for the enforcement of Emergency Ordinance no. 88/1997 on the privatization of trading companies, as further amended and supplemented, and of Law no. 137/2002 on certain measures for accelerating the privatization, as further amended and supplemented, for the sale of the following asset “Block of flats real estate property BATCH 2 + BATCH 1” (Singles Hostel), located in 14 Salciei St., City of Cernavoda, Constanta County, composed of construction, related land, installation for connecting to the heating network, parking spaces, sports field, green areas, Land Register numbers 102024 and 102021 and cadastral numbers: 125/1 and 125/2,  at the starting price of RON 4,202,609, of which the value of the land is RON 67,458, without VAT.

The auction is addressed only to the categories of SME companies, as defined under Law 346/2004, as further amended and supplemented.

Considering that the state of emergency was ordered in Romania by Decree no. 195/16.03.2020, as well as Military Ordinance no. 4/29.03.2020, legislation acts limiting the movement of persons and imposing the performance of activities through electronic means of remote communication, the sale procedure shall be conducted exclusively on-line.

The submission file may be provided in electronic format, based on a request sent via e-mail to, daily between 7.30 a.m. and 04:00 p.m.

The documents based on which the Submission File is sent are:

  • proof of payment of the price for the Submission File;
  • proof that the e-mail address that the Submission File is to be sent to belongs to the applicant legal entity;
  • confidentiality commitment signed by the person empowered to validly sign on behalf of and in the name of the Romanian legal entity. This shall be accompanied by a proxy (power of attorney) from the tendering legal entity which signs the commitment and a copy of its identity document.

The confidentiality commitment shall be submitted electronically upon request and shall be resent, signed, to

The Submission File shall be sent to the e-mail address communicated, once the equivalent value thereof has been collected in the SNN account mentioned below and once the above-mentioned documents have been received.

The payment of the equivalent value of the Submission File amounting to RON 200, plus VAT, the participation security of RON 210,130, the tender fee of RON 5,500, plus VAT, and the direct access fee to asset data and information of RON 200, plus VAT (if applicable) is made through payment order, in the RON account RO63 RNCB 0116 0497 1852 0008 opened by the Cernavoda NPP Branch with BCR Cernavoda. The proof of payments shall be sent electronically to the e-mail address mentioned above, and the collection of the amounts shall be confirmed with a reply to the e-mail address communicated. 

The participation security may also be submitted in the form of a letter of bank guarantee issued by a Romanian bank and submitted via a banking channel.

The documents requested shall be sent via e-mail, according to the proof of payment  of the direct access fee, amounting to RON 200 (without VAT).

                In order to participate in the auction, it is mandatory to purchase the Submission File.

                The documents for participation in the auction are those listed in the submission file, under section C.

In order to participate in the auction, potential buyers shall send through electronic means, to the e-mail address, the participation documents scanned as certified true copies with the original, accompanied by an affidavit regarding the compliance thereof, by 27.04.2020 at 12:00 p.m., at the latest, with this deadline being a cut-off time.

The participation documents received shall be inventoried, and their inventory shall be sent for confirmation to the applicant.

The verification and analysis of the documents for participation in the auction shall be done by 29.04.2020 at 12:00 p.m., when the list of accepted bidders shall be prepared and transmitted electronically.

The open outcry auction shall be held on 30.04.2020, at 11:00 a.m., by teleconference on the “GoToMeeting” platform.

Additional information over the phone 0241/803001 Mrs. Frunza Carmen.

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