Nuclearelectrica – founding member of the Association for Investor Relations at the Romanian Stock Exchange (ARIR)

19 Nov

Nuclearelectrica – founding member of the Association for Investor Relations at the Romanian Stock Exchange (ARIR)


Press release   



Nuclearelectrica (SNN) is a founding member of the Association for Investor Relations at the Romanian   Stock Exchange (ARIR)


SNN is a founding member of ARIR, and the involvement of SNN in the incorporation of such an association dedicated to investor relations is a direct reflection of the interest of SNN for the development in Romania of   a strategic function of connecting issuers, future issuers and shareholders, and investors.


ARIR is a non-governmental and non-profit organization whose goal is the development by professionals in investor relations  of a platform dedicated to building a culture of investor relations, as it is known that on the level  of emerging and developed capital markets, the term “investor relations” refers to the strategic  communication with the capital market participants in order to provide direct access to the  information held by the issuer, and thus to facilitate the decision to invest.


Considering that the efforts of the representatives of the capital market of Romania are to promote the Romanian capital market from the status of border market to that of emerging market, the promotion by ARIR of IR high standards and best practices in order to consolidate an operational framework  is an endeavor complementary to the BVB efforts, and it simultaneously brings added value to companies and investors.


“SNN is listed on the capital market since 2013, and in all these years we have learnt how beneficial it is for the company and its investors to develop the field of investor relations, to consolidate a market position based on respect, trust, transparency and permanent availability. We continue to increase our efficiency based on the investors’ feedback, and to provide interaction and to implement new communication methods and techniques that would correspond to the increasing needs, both technologically and informationally, of our investors. Generally, good IR are measured in key indicators: the quality and number of investor meetings, the quality of  reports and information, managers’ involvement, the perception of investors and analysts”. Cosmin Ghita, CEO Nuclearelectrica


“The quality of IR practices influence an issuer’s decision to invest or capitalize. According to studies, almost 9 of 10 members of the investor community assess the price of a share based on the quality of investor relations, sometimes over 20% for efficient IR. The incorporation of ARIR provides an additional basis for the capitalization of the current and new issuers by developing IR practices”.– Valentina Dinu, IRO, Nuclearelectrica


The activity of the Association will be focused on 5 strategic directions, with the following objectives:

  1. Assessment – Periodical measurement of the investors’ perception towards the listed companies;
  2. Presentation – Improving the manner in which companies are presented;
  3. Regulation – Monitoring the legislative framework and supporting members’ opinions;
  4. Communication – Consolidating the relations with the communities of investors and analysts;
  5. Acknowledgment – Promoting the companies that implement best practices.





Cosmin Ghita

General Manager

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