150 000 nuclear fuel bundles produced by the Nuclear Fuel Plant Pitesti

23 Nov

150 000 nuclear fuel bundles produced by the Nuclear Fuel Plant Pitesti

SN Nuclearelectrica SA („SNN”) announces the manufacturing of the nuclear fuel bundle no. 150 000 by its subsidiary, Pitesti Nuclear Fuel Plant (“FCN Pitesti”).

FCN Pitesti is the only authorized producer at the global level, outside Canada, for the manufacturing of CANDU 6 type nuclear fuel bundles, certified by AECL Canada (currently, Candu Energy) and Zircatec Precision Industries Inc Canada.

Annually, Cernavoda nuclear power plant consumes approximately 10.000 nuclear fuel bundles produced by FCN Pitesti. From the perspective of quality and production results, FCN Pitesti registers a fuel   failure rate below the limit allowed by the CANDU System Design Authority, fact which is confirmed by the operation of Cernavoda NPP, the direct beneficiary of the nuclear fuel produced by FCN Pitesti.

The purpose of FCN Pitesti is to ensure high quality nuclear fuel for the safe operation of Cernavoda NPP, to develop and continuously improve the manufacturing lines, to innovate and add value to Nuclearelectrica through the integration of its products in the nuclear circuit with outstanding results. The nuclear industry bases its performance on the quality and robustness of its products, on the compliance with the norms and nuclear safety and environment protection standards, and on the highly specialized workforce” – Florin Gheba, Manager of FCN Pitesti.

By using the 150.000 nuclear fuel bundles, a quantity of 167 TWh energy is produced. The same energy can be obtained in conventional power plants by burning 333 million tons of brown coal, 166,5 million tons of energy coal or 47,5 million tons of oil.

“The Romanian nuclear industry is an efficiency and performance model for other industry fields and represents a great advantage for ensuring the needs of the Romanian energy system, of the environment and of the consumer. In over 30 years, the Romanian specialists successfully initiated and developed a nuclear program which places Romania at the top of the nuclear power plants in the world based on the capacity factor, thus capitalizing the natural, material and human resources of the country.” – Daniela Lulache, CEO of SN Nuclearelectrica SA.

FCN Pitesti production complies with the quality requirements of the nuclear industry, environment protection, nuclear safety, health and occupational safety standards.

Through the nuclear fuel produced at FCN Pitesti and used in the two nuclear units of Cernavoda NPP, SNN ensures 20% of the total domestic energy production.


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