Reconnection of Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 to the National Power Grid

12 Jun

Reconnection of Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 to the National Power Grid

Press release


Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica S.A. (“SNN”) announces that Unit 1 of Cernavoda NPP was reconnected to the National Power Grid during the morning of June 12th, 2015.

Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 was disconnected, in a controlled manner, from the National Power Grid on June 10th, 2015, in order to perform corrective maintenance works at the electrical power evacuation system, while maintaining the reactor on power.


SNN underlines the fact that the unplanned outages represent controlled shutdowns of the nuclear power plant in order to perform precise remediation works on certain equipment, in addition to the annual corrective maintenance program within the planned outages.

These corrective maintenance outages are included in the annual budget, and in the case of Cernavoda NPP are three times below the current average in the nuclear industry. 

The repair works and the related verification test specific to this outage as well as to all the unplanned outages, are carried out in compliance with the procedures of the power plant, as well as the protection and safety standards, without any adverse impact on the population, the staff, the installations and the environment.



Daniela Lulache




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