We grow with you

Nuclearelectrica has launched the campaign “We grow with you!”, a campaign of involvement in the local community of Constanta county, dedicated to improving education and living conditions, as well as access to quality medical services.

The actions of involvement in the local community target 3 major development areas derived from the actual needs of various social categories:

  1. Equipping the Physics and Chemistry laboratories of 11 educational institutions in Constanta county (Cernavoda, Fetesti, Medgidia, Constanta) with modern equipment, laboratory kits, digital educational systems to facilitate the acquisition of practical knowledge in an attractive environment.

The total value of the program of outfitting the schools is approximately 3 million lei.

  1. Equipping the Cernavoda City Hospital with modern medical equipment necessary for the provision of quality medical services for the inhabitants of the town of Cernavoda: mammogram machine, vital signs monitors, electro-cardiogram machines, defibrillators, etc. The value of the project is 995,000 lei.
  2. The furnishing of playgrounds, relaxation spaces, the modernization of the streets in the town of Cernavoda in partnership with the town’s City Hall for the purpose of creating a safe, clean and friendly environment for the inhabitants of the city and their children. The value of these projects is 851,868 lei.

The actions launched by Nuclearelectrica have as purpose a real contribution to improving access to education and medical treatment, and life in a clean and secure environment. As a result of the implementation of the endowment campaign for educational institutions, approximately 8,000 students and teachers per year will benefit from modern laboratories, equipped with the latest generation of educational materials, supplemented by digital equipment and computer technology. The Cernavoda City Hospital provides medical services for approximately 40,000 inhabitants of the town of Cernavoda and the neighboring rural areas, inhabitants who will benefit from better services and treatment. The modernized playgrounds, relaxation spaces, and streets will be beneficial to the ~ 20,000 inhabitants of the city.

“We need long term sustainable development and this can only be achieved through direct involvement, with all our strength, in the fields that matter. In today’s complex environment, we must understand that a company’s resilience depends on the existence of vital resources in the environment, whether highly qualified labor force, economic development, and social welfare. Responsibility is a watchword of Nuclearelectrica’s activity, at all levels of operation, from the production of nuclear energy to the beneficial impact on the environment. Through the campaign “We grow with you!” for equipping schools, the hospital and the green spaces in the local community, we wish to bring a lasting contribution to the creation of better conditions for the people. The SNN campaigns shall extend to other areas of the country and shall target fields such as education, medicine, the development of young talents and the protection of the disadvantaged” – Cosmin Ghita, General Manager of Nuclearelectrica.