Human Resources Policy

We believe that the value of an organization does not consist so much in its financial or material means as in its human potential.

The human resources policy adopted by FCN’s management is based on the necessity to provide the personnel with the knowledge and skills that together with the basic training and gained expertise should result in developing the competence.

In order to predict the number and kind of personnel needed by the company, we use modern techniques starting with the review of the current status of the plant’s human resources.

The fast rate of the industrial development and implementation of new technologies and equipment asks for organizing more programs dedicated to our personnel training. This action is developed on a permanent basis depending on profession and qualification.

Developing on-the-job training activities or specific training courses is aiming at keeping the personnel aware of the importance of their activity and of their contribution to attain the plant’s goals in each field of activity.

We offer our employees professional and specialization training programs that could ensure the total compliance of the national legal requirements with the European community laws.

Through the adopted organizing measures, FCN’s management ensures the periodical examination of the personnel’s professional qualification which allows that the activities be performed only by personnel qualified in compliance with the requirements of FCN’s procedures.

As the nuclear fuel fabrication requires a high qualification level, our human resources policy needs modern approaches and ways to attract and examine the potential applicants. We consider that our policy meets completely the quality and safety requirements for nuclear fuel fabrication.