SNN Development strategy

The Company has a coherent and strong conceptual core of its mission, goals and values. Goals are a comprehensive image of SNN’s annual breakdown of objectives, which are on their turn sustained and fueled to completion by specificshutterstock_119997202 activities.

Alongside other major producers within the Romanian electricity market, Nuclearelectrica has the mission of meeting the internal demand in the context of assuring nuclear security, environment protection, and the population and staff safety. Among the main characteristics of SNN, one can mention: a high availability factor of the installed capacity, no CO2 emissions, low price elasticity to uranium fuel cost variation, stable and predictable generation costs and high technical expertise of specialized personnel.

The strategic objectives are developed on basis of the national and international context, such as: Romanian governmental support for nuclear energy, the pending necessity of refurbishing the aging Romanian electricity generation assets, an electricity demand synchronized with GDP’s development, diversification tendency in relation to energy production facilities (support of renewable generation sources; impact of rising oil prices), development of major energy production companies with large capacities and active international activities.

The SNN’s long term strategic objectives are the following:

1. The operation of the nuclear facilities under nuclear safety and security conditions for the personnel, population, environment and production assets;

2. Maintaining the electric energy production capacity above the current average industry level;

3. The achievement of the major investment objectives;

4. The improvement of the Company’s financial performance indicators;

5. Ensure the security of supply of raw materials;

6. Diversification of the portofolio of activities;

7. Use of the assets that currently do not generate income.

SNN Development Strategy 2015-2025

Annex 1 – Strategic Investment Plan 2015-2025 CNE Cernavoda and FCN Pitesti