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Invitation for public consultation

Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica S.A. is announcing to interested members of the public its intention to implement the “Tritium Removal Plant” project at Cernavoda NPP

The project is part of SNN’s portfolio of initiatives aimed at the consistent implementation of the Company’s general policy, namely the concern for maintaining nuclear safety at the highest standards, reducing radiological risks for both its own staff and the public, as well as reducing environmental impact.  The project represents a realization at the highest level of the continuous concerns of Cernavoda NPP to improve environmental performance, by reducing occupational exposure to tritium of workers.  It has a positive impact on ensuring the health of staff, a decrease in tritium discharges into rivers and the air and a positive impact on the protection of the population and the environment.

The implementation of the project will allow, by means of tritium extraction in a dedicated facility, the elimination of tritiated heavy water, thus significantly reducing the radioactive waste left to be managed at the end of the operational life of the two reactors.

The completion of CTRF will have a positive impact because it will remove tritium from the reactor coolant and moderator allowing the heavy water to be reused indefinitely without  becoming a radioactive waste.  Tritium recovered from the coolant and moderator will be processed and stored in a stable form for future use.  In addition, CTRF will:

  • reduce the risks of generating radioactive effluents and tritium emissions into the environment;
  • decrease the concentrations of tritium in the radioactive waste generated inside the nuclear systems that use heavy water at Cernavoda NPP.

The project is based on an implementation strategy, updated by SNN in 2018, which was based on the Feasibility Study, approved by Decision no. 9 / 22.08.2018 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.

The project involves the completion of the facility design (the detailed design), construction of the tritium removal plant, testing and verification for commissioning, a trial operation period of 6 months, followed by the entry of the plant into commercial operation, intended for 2026.

To finance the project, SNN has engaged in discussions with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).   These discussions are at an advanced stage which,   in addition to evaluations and supporting documentation specific to Romanian legislation, already started in relation to the Ministry of Environment, Romanian Water Administration, CNCAN, etc., necessitates following a specific EBRD approval procedure.

As an important part of the EBRD’s procedures, a public consultation procedure has been launched, based on an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), which is being made available to the public for consultation and expressing opinions, comments, questions or concerns.

The ESIA contains extensive information regarding the project, both in terms of technical aspects and in terms of interactions and the impact of the project on local communities.

You can find out more about the project by reviewing the ESIA and you are invited to send us your responses using the dedicated form.

To access the documents forming the public consultation, please click on link below


CLO contact details

65 Polona Street, District 1, Bucharest -Romania, 010494, C.P. 22-102

Tel +4021 203 82 00

Fax +4021 316 94 00

How to participate in the consultation

SNN has organized a public consultation for the “Cernavoda Tritium Removal facility” project during the period August 13th – December 14th 2021.  Should you have any opinions, comments, questions or concerns about the proposed project, we invite you to complete the consultation form via the link below.   SNN will take your feedback into consideration and a summary report on the consultation feedback received will be published.  At the end of the consultation period, the decision on the EBRD loan will be finalised with the Project anticipated to begin construction in 2023.

Consultation feedback form