Nuclearelectrica becomes the largest sponsor of Bookland

13 Sep

Nuclearelectrica becomes the largest sponsor of Bookland

Nuclearelectrica becomes the largest sponsor of Bookland

Nuclearelectrica has become the largest sponsor of the BookLand Association, supporting the continuity of its cultural-educational endeavors.

In Romania, the number of students has decreased by over 30% since the Revolution, with 50,000 children giving up their studies (one in five young people aged between 18 and 24 years old) every year, according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (INS). Only three in five students who have successfully completed the final years of high school have managed to obtain the baccalaureate diploma, 42% of them being basically functionally and socially illiterate, compared to the European average of 20%.

To convince the young people of the importance of education, parents and teachers have been joined over the recent years by various non-governmental organizations implementing specific programs and actions. Among these, BookLand Association, which over the last 9 years – through book fairs, conferences and cultural camps – has consistently provided young people in 23 cities with an excellent opportunity for development by means of free discussions, based on direct interaction with dedicated professionals, who encourage and motivate them through personal example to make the right choices in life, telling them about the challenges that await for them, but which should not stop them from following their calling.
To be able to engage with the young people with the help of guest speakers, the BookLand Association attracts on its side in every city, the management of educational institutions, non-governmental partners, local media and opinion makers, also investing in social communication platforms. At the 6th edition, over 2,000 speakers interacted with over 100,000 high school pupils and students present in the county residences where the BookLand Evolution Conferences are being held. The meetings are extremely lively, as the dialogue is sprinkled with games and trivia, many young people choosing their mentors from the speakers invited. In addition to the personal example provided, the speakers guide the children to get involved in extracurricular activities, to support volunteer or internship activities and to read papers on their favorite topics.

“The only way for a state, an industry to secure its future skills, put simply, to ensure its performance, is to get involved directly in programs supporting and educating young people. The expectation that they will come on their own is one that is profoundly wrong. Efforts should always be top-down, from the industry towards the young people. We operate in a competitive environment, one where skills are hunted, and attracting and training them should become a priority. Investing in young people, in their education and growth is the only solution. Direct involvement, one that meets needs and interests, may transform a migration trend into a pool of smart and competent young people involved in Romanian projects”, said Cosmin Ghiţă, CEO at Nuclearelectrica.
“The sponsorship granted ensures our activity for the rest of 2019. We are extremely grateful for the trust they have placed in us, because thanks to this financial help, from now we will be able on to invite important personalities to our conferences, covering their travel and accommodation costs, something that we couldn’t afford so far. Furthermore, we will invest more in the quality of video recordings and in promoting speeches to young people from all over the country that we are not able to have by our side physically. We will also make sure that we include in our cultural camps free extra spots for brilliant children who lack financial possibilities”
, stated Mihaela Petrovan, President of BookLand Association.

Admission to BookLand Evolution Conferences is free of charge.

BookLand was born in 2011, as the first urban book fair in malls, markets and parks. It has grown into a national caravan that visits over 40 cities every year. The BookLand Cultural Camp, BookLand Evolution Conferences and www.inPractică.ro complement the social-educational approach adopted. BookLand Evolution Conferences met up with over 100,000 young people who received the best tips and recommendations from over 2,000 speakers. In the BookLand Cultural Camps, under the motto “The smartest way to have fun!”, over 1,000 young people were encouraged through workshops and daily reading to appreciate free time and the fine balance between fun and education.