Nuclearelectrica sponsors the Open Workshops campaign in Bucharest

11 Sep

Nuclearelectrica sponsors the Open Workshops campaign in Bucharest

Nuclearelectrica sponsors the Open Workshops campaign in Bucharest

Open Art Workshops visually accompany the program of the Enescu Festival

Over 80 open studios in Bucharest on 07-08, 14-15 and 21-22 September 2019

This month, as part of the “George Enescu” International Festival, the second edition of the “Open Art Workshops in Bucharest – Enescu Edition” event will be held, where over 80 creative spaces of visual artists from Bucharest will be open to the public for visits.

For three weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, 07-08, 14-15 and 21-22 September 2019, between 12:00-20:00, visual artists specializing in painting, sculpture, graphics, pottery, glass, textiles and metal are waiting for visitors at the addresses of their workshops.

“Open Art Workshops in Bucharest – Enescu Edition 2019” represents a unique opportunity for both those who are curious, who want to know more about the field of visual arts, as well as for art lovers, collectors or those involved in contemporary artistic creation to know some of the most appreciated artists in Bucharest and discover the spaces where they create.

“We are honored to be part of the cultural initiative of the “Contemporanii” Project and to get involved in supporting art and its creators. Even though, at first glance, it seems that nuclear energy production is located at the opposite spectrum, that of science and technology, what we produce is basically the result of work, talent, training people for years in a row. Nuclearelectrica values ​​people and their creative potential in all fields, and supports promoters of education and social development actions through skills and talent in the Romanian society”, Cosmin Ghiță, Chief Executive Officer at Nuclearelectrica.

The artists whose creative spaces we invite you to discover during the first weekend of the event, 7-8 September, are: Gabriela Aniței (painting), Roxana Elena Ardeleanu (painting), Ciprian Ariciu (pottery), Andreea Bărăgan (pottery), Bogdan Breza (sculpture), Diana Brăescu (painting), Florin Bârză (painting), Mara Vîlceanu Breza (sculpture), Otilia Măndescu Canavra (graphics), Alexandru Căzănaru (sculpture), Titi Ceara (sculpture), Maria Cioată (pottery), Constantin Cioc (painting), Andrei Cornea (painting), Cătălin Geană (sculpture), Cornelia Gherlan (painting), Elena Gheorghe (sculpture), Eugen Ilina (sculpture), Rodica Lomnășan (graphics), Ioan Ladea (sculpture), Andrei Marina (sculpture), Constantin Mîrzea (sculpture), Manuela Moscal (graphics), Vasile Murivale (painting), Dan Munteanu (sculpture), Mircea Nechita (graphics, glass, metal), Horia-Andrei Nițu (graphics), Cristian Pentelescu (sculpture), Ana Asavei Pietraru (painting), Ana Zoe Pop (sculpture), Alexandru Poteca (sculpture), Daniel Răgușitu (painting), Constantin Rusu (painting), Loredana Stancu (graphics), Nicolae Stoian (graphics), Nicolae Stoica (sculpture), Lucian Țăran (pottery), Floarea Țuțuianu (graphics), Marian Zidaru (sculpture), Victoria Zidaru (textiles, sculpture).

On the other hand, the participating artists have prepared mini-exhibitions, including the latest works they have completed, demonstrations or presentations of works in various phases, awaiting patiently to answer any questions.

The event opens for visiting the creative spaces of artists located in individual or artistic colonies, located in several areas of Bucharest, while the maps and profiles of artists are available on the website To ease the journey through the city, you will benefit from the list of open workshops and the GPS guidance option in the ATELIERE app, available on iOS and Android platforms.

The special edition of “Open Art Workshops in Bucharest” is organized within the “Contemporanii” Cultural Project, under the aegis of the “George Enescu” International Festival, and it enjoys the support of Nuclearelectrica – its main sponsor. Partners of the event include Gemini Solutions, Pan Food, Sano Vita, Aqua Carpatica and Domeniile Sâmburești.