Press release: Scholarship program

31 May

Press release: Scholarship program


Press release


Bucharest, 31 May 2018


SN Nuclearlectrica SA (“SNN”) announces that it has concluded a convention with the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest for the award of 25 student scholarships for the 3rd and 4th university years, different specializations. Each scholarship is in amount of 2000 lei/month and will be awarded during the university years 2018-2019 and respectively 2019-2020.

The selection of the universities within the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest was performed based on the recruitment,retenation and training needs of SNN/Cernavoda NPP for the ongoing operation and production activities of the company, as well as for the long term projects of SNN such as the major investment projects: the refurbishment of Unit 1 and the Project for Units 3 and 4.’

Considering the estimated needs, SNN will award 25 scholarships as follows:

  • Electric Engineering University, electric engineering specialization – 3 scholarships
  • Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics University, mechanical engineering specialization – 6 scholarships
  • Energy University, energy engineering, nuclear technologies, energy systems engineering specialization – 12 scholarships
  • University of Automatic Control and Computers, systems engineering and computers, technology information specialization – 4 scholarships

SNN proposes a retention ratio of 80% of the scholars.


„The partnership with the business environment represents a priority for the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, due to its importance in the practical training of our students, thus contributing to the development of the professional competences necessary for a successful career. The implication of the business environment in the educational process, especially in the engineering field, contributes to the achievement of our current objectives in terms of innovation, progress and changing the business culture and increasing the entrepreneurial spirit among the young generation. Partnerships such as this one can also be capitalized by the direct involvement of the industry specialists in the teaching process. Private scholarships offered to students by the commercial companies represent an important component of these partnerships, coupled with the practical training. These scholarships offer, of course, an additional encouragement to students with outstanding academic performance and real employment perspective after graduation” – Prof. PhD Eng. Horia Necula, Dean of the Energy University, Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest.


„The scholarship program started by SNN is a concrete step towards the active involvement of the company in the selection and recruitment of the well trained students. It is part of the human resources strategy recently redrafted by SNN with the scope of training the future generation of specialists, enduring the necessary competences and the continuity of these competences in operation, production and support fields. Beyond the motivation and retention efforts that the company undertakes, the identification and training of the new generation is in itself the guaranty of the high performance of the nuclear industry. We will continue our active implication and the cooperation with the higher education institutions and also the extension of this program in direct response to the recruitment needs of the company” – Cosmin Ghita, CEO, Nuclearelectrica

Information about the scholarship program may be found on SNN’s website:



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