Press release – The controlled shutdown of Unit 1

25 Mar

Press release – The controlled shutdown of Unit 1


Press release


Bucharest, 25 March 2018

S.N. Nuclearelectrica SA (“SNN”) announces that  Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 was shut down in a controlled manner during the morning of March 25th 2018, 09:20 hours.

The decision to shut down Unit 1 in a controlled manner was determined by the occurrence of a defect at one of the process systems of the power plant, and the actions imposed in compliance with the design of the power plant require a controlled shut down.

Cernavoda NPP specialist are analyzing the case in an integrated manner, and the Unit will be restarted after the remediation works will be completed. We estimate that the outage will have a duration of 48 hours.

The remediation works will have no adverse impact on the personnel, the population and the environments. The works will be carried out in compliance with the specific NPP procedures.



Cosmin Ghita



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