The planned shutdown of Cernavoda NPP Unit 2

24 Aug

The planned shutdown of Cernavoda NPP Unit 2

Press release


Bucharest, 24 August 2017


SN Nuclearelectrica SA (“SNN”) announces the initiation by Cernavoda NPP of the planned shutdown maneuveurs of Cernavoda NPP Unit 2 during the morning of August 24th 2017 following the occurrence of a punctual situation at an instrumentation line related to the light water supply system, in the classical part of the power plant.

The remediation of the situation can only be performed with the power plant in shutdown state, as per the procedures of the power plant.

SNN estimates that the duration of the outage will be of 72 hours, during which the remediation works will take place.

The punctual situation and the reparation activities do not present any negative impact on the personnel of the power plant, the public and the environment, as they are performed in compliance with the procedures approved used at Cernavoda NPP.


Daniela Lulache


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