SNN on the energy market in 2014

7 Jan

SNN on the energy market in 2014

Nuclearelectrica has planned, for the year 2014, an electric power production of 10,546,300 MWh generated through the operation of the Cernavoda NPP’s Units 1 and 2.

Till now (7 January 2014), Nuclearelectrica has concluded a total of 38 electricity sale contracts on the open market which involves the delivery of an electricity amount of 2,915,644 MWh in the year 2014, at a reasonable average price of 173.68 lei/MWh (price that includes the transmission tariff T of 10,02 lei/MWh).

Based on ANRE’s Decision, SNN is obligated to sell on the regulated market, in 2014, an amount of electricity of 3,742,440 MWh (about 35.5% of the planned production) at a regulated price of 145.88 lei/MWh (this regulated price does not include the transmission tariff TG).

In the year 2013 the quantity of electricity sold on the regulated market amounted to 5,308,173 MWh (about 49.7% of the electric power production) at a regulated price of 142,00 lei/MWh.

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