Local community

IMG_1729Through HG 454, June 27, 1991, regarding the improvement of social and living standards in Cernavoda, “The Social Emergency Program for the improvement of living standards for Cernavoda and for NPP’s execution and operation personnel” was approved.

The work stipulated in the normative document are being completed as works correlated to the project “Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant 5 x 700 MWe” and are transferred, without payment, to the beneficiary mentioned in the normative document.

The list of works in HG 454/1991 is changed and replaced with the appendix list to HG 1.081/11.09.2003. The appendix contains social and cultural objectives for the town of Cernavoda, as well as accommodation for operating personnel of the Cernavoda NPP.

At the end of 2008, 11 important works were completed and commissioned to the beneficiary, the local community. At present, one work is under construction.

Completed and commissioned works:

1.1 Market store on the Cernavoda NPP site
1.2 The kindergarten
1.3 The drinkable water station (pumping and treatment)
1.4 Street and road crossing modernization
1.5 District heating networks between the NPP and the thermal station in Cernavoda District heating network
1.6 The “Sfanta Maria” Bridge, across the Danube Black Sea Canal, for vehicle access to the Cernavoda railway station and to Fetesti-Cernavoda highway
1.7 Nuclear Power Engineering High School in Cernavoda
1.8 Cernavoda Town Hospital (100 beds) and Polyclinic in Cernavoda
1.8 Sewage Treatment Plant
1.9 Four drinkable water wells
1.10 Dwellings

Under construction

1.1 Training and recreation center for the children and young people of the Cernavoda town. So far, the site has been prepared in order to allow the construction works to begin.
Other social and economical effects:

  • Providing at present more than 1,650 jobs;
  • Providing heating for more than 70% of the Cernavoda inhabitants at the lowest price (30 lei/Gcal);
  • Contributions to the local budget (taxes on land, buildings, a quota from the salary tax, etc) amounting to 12, 820,240 lei in the year 2011;
  • Contributions to the state budget as tax on the salary, representing 22,080,000 lei;
  • Providing accommodation spaces for almost 700 employees.